<![CDATA[Welcome to Mike V. Schultz - Shark City Ozark - Blog]]>Tue, 21 Nov 2017 07:25:13 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Our All New 2018 Shark Catalog Is Nearing Release!]]>Thu, 16 Nov 2017 18:52:48 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/our-all-new-2018-shark-catalog-is-nearing-release​Much of what we had planned for 2017 was increasingly delayed by my rapidly failing health & resulting emergency heart surgeries. Topping things off there was Hurricane Harvey's direct hit during that recovery...

But those surgeries were a much needed 100% success.
8 years of deterioration and suffering are now only a bad memory. I have a new lease on life!
That famous quote, "Never given in and never give up!", holds real meaning for me.
The thousands and thousands of sharks provided globally all decade paid those medical bills and kept us going. These sharks are lifesavers, and so are our customers and friends.

Although delayed, we are on track for 2018 being our BIGGEST Shark year ever!
So far we are confident to release the following All New Shark products starting in Q1 2018:
1. 3 foot Platform Bruce Shark
2. 3 foot Tow Sled Bruce Shark
3. 3 foot Great White or Megalodon Shark
4. 3 foot Open Sided Bruce Shark
5. All New Display featuring a first Complete Collection of teeth from ALL the film Sharks!
6. The ½ Scale Bruce Shark Dorsal Fin { ½ scale Bruce Shark = Full Scale Great white Shark BTW}
7. Great White Shark life-sized Bust
8. And a few other coolio surprises that have been collecting dust here over the years

​After all these years we have been able to make the very best sharks even more improved than we ever dreamed!
We've even invented or learned far better materials and methods of production enabling us to not need to raise prices for the 6th year in a row!

2018 is simply shaping up to be our best work ever. Cathy & I urge all you friends to get excited.
More info & photos as we can work to release them.

And, "Happy Thanksgiving" a little early!
Mike & Cathy Schultz SCO]]>
<![CDATA[Sneak Peek!]]>Wed, 15 Nov 2017 22:09:07 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/sneak-peek8413057
All our ENTIRELY Brand New 3 foot long Sharks have been re-designated as 2018 catalog sharks.
Those on our sign up sheet will be in on special sneak peaks and Pre-Order pleasures VERY soon.
We might not be able to release and ship everything we want to for this Christmas, but we can make sure that our sign up sheet/pre-order friends have something under their trees to unwrap by way of SCO Pre-Order cards!

These cards are quality keepsakes informing their gift recipient exactly what shark they have secured for them, what
COA # and what customizations and accessories are being created for them. ALWAYS an exciting unwrapping event!
Expected ship dates for 4 of the new shark products is Q1 or earlier where possible.

More info & photos as soon as we can!
<![CDATA[Greetings Fellow Fin-Fans!]]>Thu, 09 Nov 2017 16:44:44 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/greetings-fellow-fin-fansPicture
It is basically one month before Christmas.
Between Cathy & I we two stand zero chance of accomplishing the mountain of work needed to release ALL 4 Brand New 3-foot sharks in time while keeping up on Christmas orders. We're already working late into the night 7 days a week.

Please get your order IN and PAID in full within the next few weeks time -- IF-- you want your shark in time for Christmas.
We currently offer a wide range of HUGE 1:6 Bruce Shark Busts.
After the next few weeks, and especially past November, we cannot promise finishing or shipping a shark in time for the Holiday, so please order as early as possible.

As to the ENTIRELY ALL NEW 3-foot sharks we have completed prototypes for the following for 2018:
1. ALL NEW 3-foot Platform Bruce Shark
2. ALL NEW 3-foot Tow Sled Bruce Shark Wide open mouth
3. ALL NEW 3-foot Great White-Megalodon Shark !!
4. ALL NEW 3-foot Open-Sided Platform Bruce Shark

** Completely All New models from scratch, we feel our best works yet to date to be honest.
For these 3-foot sharks we do have a rapidly growing sign up list of names for them. Please PM or email us if you are serious about owning, and we'll add you to the list. At this time Cathy & I are trying to figure out if we can release them as a PRE-ORDER for Q1 2018 shipping?

We have a mountain of work to accomplish beforehand including photo-shoots, pricing vs expenses and website sale's-page creation. All before we can even think of releasing further information on any of the ALL NEW 3-foot shark products. Finishing the prototypes is just the tip of the iceberg to release and produce them. Thankfully most sharks are at least finished.

We have one idea of releasing one or some of the 3-foot sharks for pre-order to the people on our sign up list by sending a private order link. That way they can secure their shark via down-payment. Another idea is to just wait until 2018 to release?
But Pre-Order shark-GIFT recipients need something to open on Christmas day! So we can continue our decade long practice of sending out a nice New-Shark Product gift-card for their loved ones to open on Christmas. Something to have in hand with a photo to look forward to for the Q1 shipping. This has worked wonders for years now for people taking advantage of our Interest-Free Payment plans.

This is not final, these are only our desires and ideas.

We are considering several different strategies. Any advice emailed or PM'd our way is welcome and will be considered. We want to make as many people THRILLED and HAPPY as we can within the confines of the time allotted to us.

Honestly, we are just rolling with and adapting to the resulting delays from my emergency heart surgery and the Hurricane Harvey catastrophe. Production is fully back up to 100% but our New Catalog Shark product additions will have to be released in Q1 2018 instead of 2 months ago as planned. Shoot for the stars and at least catch some sky, right?

Lastly, here is a very cool shark photo that I found to share with you today, I really like this shark. We should all talk more about this cool shark again sometime...

​Thank you friends,

<![CDATA[Sneak Peek!]]>Mon, 23 Oct 2017 21:21:24 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/sneak-peekPicture
Still working through all the many needs in order to release further info, photos and the Pre-Order listing.
* Being this late in the year I will only be able to build approximately 2 to 3 dozen of these entirely All New complex 3 foot Platform Bruce Shark displays.That is a lot of work to squeeze into only a few short months' time.☺

Those that are serious about owning their All New customized 3-foot Bruce Shark and having them under their Christmas trees will order right when we release without delay.

We do have a sign-up list of people that we will be contacting just before we officially releasing on social media, if you wish to be added also, then please PM us very soon. We want to maximize the number of ecstatically thrilled customers between now and middle of December. So please order early. I cannot stress the importance of being in the first wave orders if you want your shark before Christmas.

** For those that opt for using our Interest Free Flex-Payment Plans and not needing their customized shark before Christmas, then we will be happy to send out a COOL little Christmas card detailing what you have purchased for your loved one as their gift. ALWAYS a win-win for any Jaws fan☺.

We send out MANY of these every year and have the reports back of how incredibly THRILLED the lucky gift-getter is to unwrap and discover what their loved one has been making payments on for them to own forever!

Yep, for the average cost of weekly fancy coffees, fast-food lunches or cable-sports packages that simply do not last, you & your loved ones could own your very own customized Bruce Shark display, forever☺!

<![CDATA[Your Yum-Yum & ScarFace Updates & More News +++]]>Wed, 04 Oct 2017 18:16:23 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/your-yum-yum-scarface-updates-more-news
ALL Paid in Full and Due Pre-Ordered
* Yum-Yum Yellow-Raft 1:6 Bruce Shark Busts are in final detailing and scheduled to start shipping out Monday!
All Paid in Full and Due Pre-Ordered
* Cable-Chomping 1:6 ScarFace Brucette Shark Busts are also in final detailing and scheduled to start shipping out Monday!
We will grab some photos of both of these NEW Shark Busts in their final forms for you all and our Sales website. ...
What incredible looking sharks now that they are being customized per each customer's different requests,
simply AMAZING Details!
In other news:
I am considering postponing the Full Length 1:6 Bruce Sharks until perhaps next year sometime.
It is already October and our desire is continue to follow through with our often advertised plans to get these 2 All New 3 Foot long Tow Sled & Platform Bruce Sharks added to our catalog.
* Considering the good number of people who have written in asking to be on the Pre-Order list, both of these 3 foot sharks look like they will once again sell entirely out rather quickly.
It still amazes me how year after year, and product after product, that we can nearly sell out of something before we even list them online.
And to be quite honest, we can only make so many sharks per month, and will need time filling all those proposed 3 foot shark orders to begin with.
We also want to get the FinCredible All New ½ Scale Bruce Shark Dorsal Fin added to our catalog along with a few other surprise product additions. We'll add all we can, when we can.
Shoot for the stars, at least grab some sky.
Keep an eye out here, its almost time to reveal our New
3 Foot Tow Sled and Platform Bruce Sharks!
Thank you my friends,
<![CDATA[More Great News Everyone!]]>Wed, 27 Sep 2017 18:52:45 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/more-great-news-everyone
Each, Every & ALL Paid in Full/Due 3-foot Sharks, AND Ultimate 25-inch Sharks AND 1:6 Location Bruce Bust Sharks are COMPLETED! And they are all now shipping OUT to their new LIFELONG FinFan HOMES for permanent display!

* Our Interest-Free Flex-Payment plans have made another thousand FinFans excited & Happy Shark owners!
And all for prices lower than eating out or some cable-sports packages every month!
If you ask us, that's wise money invested in something Jawsome to display for life; as opposed to something digested or viewed temporarily then forgotten.
But that's us, we're all about the sharks!

We now turn our attention to getting ALL Paid in Full Pre-Order 1:6 Yum-Yum Yellow-Raft Bruce Shark Busts AND the All New finalized 1:6 Cable-Chomping ScarFace Brucette Shark Busts completed and shipped out.
Target goal, NEXT WEEK-ish!

We will have new photos of the corrected & finalized form of the Cable-Chomper ScarFace posted soon, so check back often.

Also stay tuned for upcoming info on the Pre-Order Release of our ALL New 3 foot Tow-Sled and Platform Bruce Sharks including their ALL NEW Mechanical Stands!!

​Thank you friends.
<![CDATA[Life is "Normal"...]]>Fri, 22 Sep 2017 17:01:37 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/life-is-normalMany sharks are shipped out again today!

And life is returning back to normal at home and at Shark City Ozark. That's the headline and thing to remember for th...is update. Because Hurricane Harvey was quite the experience friends.
And one that keeps on giving....

I was only home from the heart surgery a few days before that storm slammed right into our patch of Texas!
Although we were less that a few inches from being flooded out ourselves [even with digging trenches and sandbagging], our neighbors were not as lucky. Much of their homes from the knee level down are still at the curb awaiting trash removal.
Very heartbreaking. We are still experiencing almost daily power outages, and the mosquitos' are so horrifically thick that the National Guard is flying C130's overhead at night spraying them! Seriously! Definition of cool is a C130 roaring overhead about 200 feet off the ground right over your house bug dusting!

Yet this week Cathy & I have been able to put a significant dent in the orders that are due. Please see our previous update post below for further details.

As of today the Pre-Order Release of the Huge 1:6 Yum-Yum Yellow-Raft Bruce Shark Busts are still delayed,
but only by a week or two.

However ALL of the August+September Location Shoot 1:6 Bruce Shark Busts with Scuba tank accessory are completed and either shipped already or awaiting boxing and shipping.

Cathy is boxing a ton of sharks right now for shipping-out early next week
Power outages have delayed us from generating shipping labels this week. We were without power for 6 hours yesterday!
And again another 3 hours today; so far... And EVERYTHING grinds to a halt when the power is cut off....
But we are getting done all that is possible to accomplish, even working late into the night.

We are confident that ALL August+September due 3 foot sharks; plus ALL Ultimate Sharks due - will be ready to ship by the middle of next week.

And as a reminder our ENTIRELY ALL New 3 Foot Tow Sled and Platform Bruce Sharks will be releasing most likely within this time-frame as well!

Posting this before the power 'flickers' or drops out again.
Thank you friends!
<![CDATA[Updatius Maximus!]]>Tue, 19 Sep 2017 20:51:40 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/updatius-maximusTake a deep breath for this next sentence please☺:

* All "Paid in Full" & "Due" 1:6 Scale Location Shoot Bruce Shark Busts that were due in August/September, BUT that were delayed by my emergency heart surgery & subsequently Hurricane Harvey recovery - are now completed and drying. These customers will be contacted over the next few day's time for their shipping notices and information☺☺.

* All "Paid in Full" & "Due" August/September 3-foot Tow-Sled & Platform Bruce Sharks should be completed, boxed, and ready to ship by early next week at the latest.

* All "Paid in Full" & "Due" August/September 25-inch Ultimate Bruce, ScarFace, Bruce 3D, and Revenge Bruce Sharks are also due to be completed this week and packaged for shipping by early to middle of next week as well☺.

* All Pre-Order 1:6 Scale Yum-Yum Yellow Life Raft Bruce Shark Busts
>AND< the finalized Pre-Order 1:6 Cable-Chomping ScarFace Bruce Shark Busts - although delayed in release due to the heart surgery and Hurricane Harvey repairs - are still expected to be ready to ship within the next 2 weeks time.

The All New 3-foot long Tow-Sled AND Platform Bruce Sharks including their FINCREDIBLE New Mechanical Display Stands look to be on schedule for Pre-Order release within the next several weeks time. Subject to change either earlier or later, but the schedule for all these various CUSTOM sharks builds is holding steady.

Thank you friends,☺

<![CDATA[After The Storm...]]>Tue, 12 Sep 2017 17:13:20 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/after-the-storm​Just a quicky update that we are rapidly working our way back into full production from our Hurricane Harvey clean-up & repairs. We are now spending more days per week on filling shark orders than the storm clean-up process!

Aaannd, we are on track to be able to ship out a ton of Bruce Shark orders early to middle of next week if everything steers according to plan. Some have already shipped as of today BTW! Once fully caught up on orders we will then release the
All New 3-foot-long Platform & Tow Sled Bruce Shark displays!
Yeah Baby!

And in closing, we do respect that my last month's "emergency" heart surgery and then the Harvey flooding did in fact severely interrupt our Pre-Order release process for both of our 2017 All New 1:6 scale Bruce Shark Busts.
Specifically the numbering process involving early Pre-Order customers getting in on the FREE accessories -- one Bruce Shark Bust with scuba-tank, the other Bruce Bust with the Yum-Yum Yellow Raft. Originally the cut off limit was only 35 each.
So, we are now working on revising who and how many additional people get the FREE tank or raft accessory.
We feel it is only fair to make up for the lost month since the storm and surgery were beyond anyone's control or ability to plan for.

More info when we figure something out that is fair for everyone ordering the Busts.
Of course any and all positive critique and ideas are appreciated for those who would like to PM us your thoughts on any of these matters. Many of our BEST ideas are customer provided!

Thank you friends]]>
<![CDATA["Good News Everyone"...]]>Mon, 04 Sep 2017 16:45:42 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/good-news-everyonePicture
"Good news everyone!"

We are confident that we will be able to resume completing & shipping out Bruce Shark orders this coming week!
This also FINALLY enables us to once again START THE CLOCK on being able to release our All New 3 foot long Platform-Bruce and Tow-Sled Bruce sharks!
Now, in all honestly we are still facing an unprecedented amount of labor from our Hurricane-Harvey-Cleanup & repair here in addition to being several weeks behind our schedule for New product release[es].
But we are making great headway.

As you know I was finally able to have that heart surgery a few weeks ago that I have been desperately needing since 2015.
But what was supposed to be a 10-14 day lazy vacation of recovery then became exasperated by Hurricane Harvey little more than a week into it.

Truth be told I was under strict orders for home bed-rest, and to not lift anything over five pounds; and NOT to be digging, sandbagging and running 3 days & nights on end without sleep like Cathy & I both did....
Regardless, that is now floodwater under the gully and thankfully we are thrilled to be starting the New 3 foot shark release[es] Countdown Clock once again.

And as we have posted before these are entirely All New models and All New display stands unlike ANYTHING ever released before by Anyone, Anywhere.

Now, our first priority is always the customers that have been waiting the longest.
Although we will need a new days each week to dedicate to cleanup and storm damage repair, as well as on catching up on postponed Heart doctor visits; the majority of each week will be for filling orders and then for the mountain of work needed to release the new sharks products.

Some of which includes photoshoots, webpage creation and finalizing expenses + labor to arrive at pricing.
Also, we do apologize, but we honestly no longer have the free 2+ hours required each & every day to answer every single letter & message. Our inbox runneth over. But I promise we are trying our best to make sure that those that need help the most get it as soon as possible. There are only so many hours in each day, and days in a month. But if we can answer you or provide a help then I promise we will do our best.

To draw this post to a conclusion;
Cathy & I once again thank everyone for their kind encouragements, and for their well wishing and especially for their Christian prayers for us, and for our kids and for our properties during this scary Hurricane Harvey crisis.
You are all very much appreciated for these kind efforts and we have been greatly helped by them. We hope to return the blessing some day as well.

As we can we will update further, thank you friends!
Mike & Cathy Schultz SCO