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(Above) PURE HORROR has EXCELLENT taste in collectibles! And we LOVE your display style too!
Thank you for the photo share my friend, EPIC!!

SCO February Update:

1.] As hinted at early last year we will SOON be releasing a new COMPLETE wave of full length Film Sharks that are not 3 feet long . Such an EXCITING time to be a collector!

2.] Also we are working hard to beat our advertised delivery date of Q1 on ALL of the new 2018 pre-order 3 foot sharks.
As thousands of our customers from the last ten years can tell you, we LOVE to surprise with early delivery's whenever it is within our power to do so.

3.] As Q1 flows into Q2 be prepared to FINALLY see releases of the MANY -NEW- Shark Products that we have been posting about since this time last year & prior.

Last year I was in very poor health and seriously struggling just to keep up with the significant order load. But this year is a whole new ballgame! My late 2017 heart surgery fixed me COMPLETELY right up! I am operating at 110%, and we are in high-gear pumping out the NEW SHARK PRODUCTS ASAP!
And there are a TON of New Sharks coming!
Our goal is to STUFF our shark catalog FULL of our fully ORIGINAL ALL NEW wide ranging shark products.
The more the merrier! There is no doing, like OVERDOING!

That is all the info I can safely share currently.
Thank you friends!
Mike & Cathy Schultz SCO
<![CDATA[Credit where Credit is due + Thanks + William's Fun Photos]]>Tue, 23 Jan 2018 22:52:32 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/credit-where-credit-is-due-thanks-williams-fun-photos
Juggernaut913140 LOVES to send in some of the funnest photoshopped photos of our products.
He writes saying,
"... hope you get a little chuckle out of these! Thanks for letting me share my fantasy photos. See yah.
* Thank you William for taking your time to have fun with our Original 2012 Bruce NTT shark + photoshop.
By way of history; before we released the now famous & Sold-Out 2009-+ Bruce NTT 3 foot long Sharks there had never been anything [Scale-Accurate] available like them before; or their originally created display stands and accessories!
The SCO Bruce sharks were the very first of their kind to provide historical scale accuracy in a hand-crafted & personalized product available online.

Later we brainstormed countless other original additions to our catalog and began providing unheard of personal All-New services such as customized paint, accessories, pose and gore options. Almost 3 dozen all new original Bruce & shark products have SOLD-OUT since 2008!

All made possible by the men that made & operated the actual Mechanical Bruce sharks for the Jaws films like my friends Cal Acord, Marty Milner, Joe Alves AND also their family members sharing with us so many GB of reference photos to help.
Not to mention hours and hours of phone talks, sharing sketches and diagrams with us, anything to help us nail & recreate every detail possible in prefect fine-scale... Sooo much effort and help from these generous and patient FX artist geniuses. We could not have done what we have without them all these years!
Because of their help and friendships our little Shark City Ozark has provided MANY thousands of customized film shark displays globally all decade to fans.

We wish to not only thank our massive list of Happy Customers for helping to propagate our good name and services, but also our hundreds of shark+artists friends online like Sculptoria Studios, Paul Anthony McPhee, Nick Marra, Mac Mcdermott, Gary Yee and so many 100's of others for their endless support and encouragements. There simply is not space to post thousands of names, but we thank you all.

These are all good friends, good people, tremendous fellow fans and incredible Shark+Artists!
Cathy & I thank ALL OF YOU, you truly cool people for making us and carrying us so far all decade!
Mike & Cathy Schultz SCO

<![CDATA[December 21st, 2017]]>Thu, 21 Dec 2017 16:27:59 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/december-21st-2017Haha! These videos always catch us with a weird face! Oh well, thanks for a great 2017 guys!
<![CDATA[A Giant "Thank You!" (Oh, and our NEW 3-Footer Sharks are LIVE!)]]>Sat, 25 Nov 2017 19:03:41 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/a-giant-thank-you-oh-and-our-new-3-footer-sharks-are-liveAs we go LIVE for Pre-Order today I must post a Thanksgiving to the shark community.

Cathy & I just need you good friends & customers to know that we seriously appreciate you. We are grateful for so many years of good people going out of their ways to be so very excellent to us. Above and beyond kind treatments and respects.
It really has been a rough year with Hurricane Harvey's direct hit and my emergency heart surgeries. But we are finally back up to full production and nearly recovered. For much of it I have only had the use of my right arm, but even now I am still regaining strength and dexterity in it. In every way I am healthier now since the last surgery; and I just had someone swear I was in my 30’s - so no complaints here!
Through all this we have been truly Blessed by good friends like the Snyder’s, Smith’s, Shaughnessy’s and Rex’s. And so many, many others who often call or write only to encourage and to see how we are. You cannot put a price tag on how rich and special a thing this is to us.

Cathy & I know that every one of you as well have had trials and hard times this year too. We thank you for your many prayers and well wishing and we want you all to know that we do the same for you.
It is a real Blessing to us to get the privilege to do what we do. And we know where that success truly comes from. I would be selfish if I did not publicly recognize the people behind us as we move forward from our hardest, yet most successful year so far.

We thank you and we appreciate you all who have more than just kept us in business all these many years. You have been key in paying our hospital bills, and kept food on the table. And greater than all that, you have been friends to us!
Cathy & I thank you friends.

Here is the direct link to our ALL New 2018 sharks, yes the new 3-footers ! ]]>
<![CDATA[Warning: Information Overload]]>Wed, 22 Nov 2017 18:03:02 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/warning-information-overload
The following answer deals with history and reality and gets very long-winded, and is specifically worded to educate in a detailed manor. But with a smile.☺


A very commonly asked question that we still get almost daily is:
* What is the difference between the Tow Sled Shark and the Platform sharks?
I could spend the rest of the week answering this question. 
In addition I would add, 
"What are the differences between the above listed sharks and the 4th Bruce Shark, The Studio Tank Bruce [Hooper cage attack Bruce]?"
To this add in what are the myriad of differences between the early Tow Sled Shark and the final variation used for pick up shots back in California. 
And to this also list the mind numbing amount of differences between all the different Bruce sharks as sections of their skins were patched and replaced with varying thick nesses of foam backing and/or frame modifications were implemented etc...
So generally speaking yes, all the sharks were from the same sectional molds.
But no, they were all different sharks due to being stretched over differently framed, and differently segmented structures. 
Prime Illustration being that of how a rubber glove might look on a heavy person's hand as opposed to a slim person's hand. Because different things are not the same.
** Please stop here if that's answer enough for you **
This my friends it the prime reason that others never got Bruce museum quality and scale-model accurate like we have for over 2 dozen different Bruce Shark products provided by the thousands globally all decade. 
Because in all honestly scale models are NOT the same as just anybody's artistic interpretation. Artistic interpretation is why a Walmart toy F-15 jet doesn’t match up to a real F-15 jet. Things that are not the same are different. But scale modeling provides reality via research material and extreme measuring. 
So the historically accurate display model is simply mathematically correct in that scale.
Who could count how many people have taken a few favorite Jaws photos and tried to make their sculpt look like them as much as possible? Even though their few favorite photos are of entirely different sharks used almost a year apart! Nothing wrong with this approach, IF that's your published goal.
Nobody needs to get hurt feelings over such a plain and kind explanation of reality.
If that’s someone’s best then so be it, but that is not museum quality nor historically-scale-accurate.
Our background is providing museum displays and practical FX. So we have a lifetime of experience invested into replicating historical-reality as it really was. I’m almost 50 and I made my first functioning mechanical shark almost 40 years ago... Experience shows just as much as a lack of it does.
I tried to explain this even more kindly back in 2006 on a fan forum but a certain 'Jaws collector' backing another artist's product twisted this educational share into a socially failed attempt to hide our sharks from the fan community. 
Any guesses who that loser was/is? 
Like Pinky & the Brain he’s still trying to take over the world of Jaws fans to this day. Seriously...
Yet here we are over a decade later providing more scale-perfect sharks globally than anyone in all of history. Treating fans as close friends and investing in a better shark runs circles around manipulative-politicking any day of the week. Yes, I said it.
Regardless, here is one photo that should really help people see how different the Tow Sled Shark is from the other Bruce Sharks. Math and fine-scale measuring tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 
Others will undoubtedly still attempt to copycat and rip off our vast body of invested research and many successful products and accessories. But our sharks have been right all along and are even more right today thanks mostly to those that actually built the sharks befriending and assisting us in our passion to improve them and to share the fun. 
It’s all in the shark. 
Bottom line, look at our product photos and pick the shark that you love best as Bruce knowing that we took the material seriously and provided historical-scale-accuracy. Or collect them all while we are still providing them. Easy as pie. Now there's a win-win☺!
I hope this scratches all itches involved. Bruce LIVES!
Thank you my friends.
<![CDATA[The Early Bird Gets the Worm!]]>Tue, 21 Nov 2017 16:54:08 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/the-early-bird-gets-the-wormPicture
Hi Everyone, now that we have given our sign-up sheet/wishlist friends their extra-early opportunity & $avings at our 3 BRAND NEW 3 foot long Shark products, we feel it is about time to share them with the rest of the world!

For those interested keep an eye here for the official release of the entirely ALL New 2018:
3 Foot long Platform Bruce Shark
3 Foot long Tow Sled Bruce Shark with Open Mouth
3 Foot long Great White Megalodon Shark
These are completely fresh & all new scale model replicas featuring details never before seen, and that nobody has ever before had the opportunity to own for life, let alone customized to their heart's content.

Perhaps maybe tonight or tomorrow we will post up live for everyone.
Stay tuned.
Mike SCO

<![CDATA[Our All New 2018 Shark Catalog Is Nearing Release!]]>Thu, 16 Nov 2017 18:52:48 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/our-all-new-2018-shark-catalog-is-nearing-release​Much of what we had planned for 2017 was increasingly delayed by my rapidly failing health & resulting emergency heart surgeries. Topping things off there was Hurricane Harvey's direct hit during that recovery...

But those surgeries were a much needed 100% success.
8 years of deterioration and suffering are now only a bad memory. I have a new lease on life!
That famous quote, "Never given in and never give up!", holds real meaning for me.
The thousands and thousands of sharks provided globally all decade paid those medical bills and kept us going. These sharks are lifesavers, and so are our customers and friends.

Although delayed, we are on track for 2018 being our BIGGEST Shark year ever!
So far we are confident to release the following All New Shark products starting in Q1 2018:
1. 3 foot Platform Bruce Shark
2. 3 foot Tow Sled Bruce Shark
3. 3 foot Great White or Megalodon Shark
4. 3 foot Open Sided Bruce Shark
5. All New Display featuring a first Complete Collection of teeth from ALL the film Sharks!
6. The ½ Scale Bruce Shark Dorsal Fin { ½ scale Bruce Shark = Full Scale Great white Shark BTW}
7. Great White Shark life-sized Bust
8. And a few other coolio surprises that have been collecting dust here over the years

​After all these years we have been able to make the very best sharks even more improved than we ever dreamed!
We've even invented or learned far better materials and methods of production enabling us to not need to raise prices for the 6th year in a row!

2018 is simply shaping up to be our best work ever. Cathy & I urge all you friends to get excited.
More info & photos as we can work to release them.

And, "Happy Thanksgiving" a little early!
Mike & Cathy Schultz SCO]]>
<![CDATA[Sneak Peek!]]>Wed, 15 Nov 2017 22:09:07 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/sneak-peek8413057
All our ENTIRELY Brand New 3 foot long Sharks have been re-designated as 2018 catalog sharks.
Those on our sign up sheet will be in on special sneak peaks and Pre-Order pleasures VERY soon.
We might not be able to release and ship everything we want to for this Christmas, but we can make sure that our sign up sheet/pre-order friends have something under their trees to unwrap by way of SCO Pre-Order cards!

These cards are quality keepsakes informing their gift recipient exactly what shark they have secured for them, what
COA # and what customizations and accessories are being created for them. ALWAYS an exciting unwrapping event!
Expected ship dates for 4 of the new shark products is Q1 or earlier where possible.

More info & photos as soon as we can!
<![CDATA[Greetings Fellow Fin-Fans!]]>Thu, 09 Nov 2017 16:44:44 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/greetings-fellow-fin-fansPicture
It is basically one month before Christmas.
Between Cathy & I we two stand zero chance of accomplishing the mountain of work needed to release ALL 4 Brand New 3-foot sharks in time while keeping up on Christmas orders. We're already working late into the night 7 days a week.

Please get your order IN and PAID in full within the next few weeks time -- IF-- you want your shark in time for Christmas.
We currently offer a wide range of HUGE 1:6 Bruce Shark Busts.
After the next few weeks, and especially past November, we cannot promise finishing or shipping a shark in time for the Holiday, so please order as early as possible.

As to the ENTIRELY ALL NEW 3-foot sharks we have completed prototypes for the following for 2018:
1. ALL NEW 3-foot Platform Bruce Shark
2. ALL NEW 3-foot Tow Sled Bruce Shark Wide open mouth
3. ALL NEW 3-foot Great White-Megalodon Shark !!
4. ALL NEW 3-foot Open-Sided Platform Bruce Shark

** Completely All New models from scratch, we feel our best works yet to date to be honest.
For these 3-foot sharks we do have a rapidly growing sign up list of names for them. Please PM or email us if you are serious about owning, and we'll add you to the list. At this time Cathy & I are trying to figure out if we can release them as a PRE-ORDER for Q1 2018 shipping?

We have a mountain of work to accomplish beforehand including photo-shoots, pricing vs expenses and website sale's-page creation. All before we can even think of releasing further information on any of the ALL NEW 3-foot shark products. Finishing the prototypes is just the tip of the iceberg to release and produce them. Thankfully most sharks are at least finished.

We have one idea of releasing one or some of the 3-foot sharks for pre-order to the people on our sign up list by sending a private order link. That way they can secure their shark via down-payment. Another idea is to just wait until 2018 to release?
But Pre-Order shark-GIFT recipients need something to open on Christmas day! So we can continue our decade long practice of sending out a nice New-Shark Product gift-card for their loved ones to open on Christmas. Something to have in hand with a photo to look forward to for the Q1 shipping. This has worked wonders for years now for people taking advantage of our Interest-Free Payment plans.

This is not final, these are only our desires and ideas.

We are considering several different strategies. Any advice emailed or PM'd our way is welcome and will be considered. We want to make as many people THRILLED and HAPPY as we can within the confines of the time allotted to us.

Honestly, we are just rolling with and adapting to the resulting delays from my emergency heart surgery and the Hurricane Harvey catastrophe. Production is fully back up to 100% but our New Catalog Shark product additions will have to be released in Q1 2018 instead of 2 months ago as planned. Shoot for the stars and at least catch some sky, right?

Lastly, here is a very cool shark photo that I found to share with you today, I really like this shark. We should all talk more about this cool shark again sometime...

​Thank you friends,

<![CDATA[Sneak Peek!]]>Mon, 23 Oct 2017 21:21:24 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/sneak-peekPicture
Still working through all the many needs in order to release further info, photos and the Pre-Order listing.
* Being this late in the year I will only be able to build approximately 2 to 3 dozen of these entirely All New complex 3 foot Platform Bruce Shark displays.That is a lot of work to squeeze into only a few short months' time.☺

Those that are serious about owning their All New customized 3-foot Bruce Shark and having them under their Christmas trees will order right when we release without delay.

We do have a sign-up list of people that we will be contacting just before we officially releasing on social media, if you wish to be added also, then please PM us very soon. We want to maximize the number of ecstatically thrilled customers between now and middle of December. So please order early. I cannot stress the importance of being in the first wave orders if you want your shark before Christmas.

** For those that opt for using our Interest Free Flex-Payment Plans and not needing their customized shark before Christmas, then we will be happy to send out a COOL little Christmas card detailing what you have purchased for your loved one as their gift. ALWAYS a win-win for any Jaws fan☺.

We send out MANY of these every year and have the reports back of how incredibly THRILLED the lucky gift-getter is to unwrap and discover what their loved one has been making payments on for them to own forever!

Yep, for the average cost of weekly fancy coffees, fast-food lunches or cable-sports packages that simply do not last, you & your loved ones could own your very own customized Bruce Shark display, forever☺!