<![CDATA[Welcome to Mike V. Schultz - Shark City Ozark - Blog]]>Fri, 22 Sep 2017 11:28:44 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Life is "Normal"...]]>Fri, 22 Sep 2017 17:01:37 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/life-is-normalMany sharks are shipped out again today!

And life is returning back to normal at home and at Shark City Ozark. That's the headline and thing to remember for th...is update. Because Hurricane Harvey was quite the experience friends.
And one that keeps on giving....

I was only home from the heart surgery a few days before that storm slammed right into our patch of Texas!
Although we were less that a few inches from being flooded out ourselves [even with digging trenches and sandbagging], our neighbors were not as lucky. Much of their homes from the knee level down are still at the curb awaiting trash removal.
Very heartbreaking. We are still experiencing almost daily power outages, and the mosquitos' are so horrifically thick that the National Guard is flying C130's overhead at night spraying them! Seriously! Definition of cool is a C130 roaring overhead about 200 feet off the ground right over your house bug dusting!

Yet this week Cathy & I have been able to put a significant dent in the orders that are due. Please see our previous update post below for further details.

As of today the Pre-Order Release of the Huge 1:6 Yum-Yum Yellow-Raft Bruce Shark Busts are still delayed,
but only by a week or two.

However ALL of the August+September Location Shoot 1:6 Bruce Shark Busts with Scuba tank accessory are completed and either shipped already or awaiting boxing and shipping.

Cathy is boxing a ton of sharks right now for shipping-out early next week
Power outages have delayed us from generating shipping labels this week. We were without power for 6 hours yesterday!
And again another 3 hours today; so far... And EVERYTHING grinds to a halt when the power is cut off....
But we are getting done all that is possible to accomplish, even working late into the night.

We are confident that ALL August+September due 3 foot sharks; plus ALL Ultimate Sharks due - will be ready to ship by the middle of next week.

And as a reminder our ENTIRELY ALL New 3 Foot Tow Sled and Platform Bruce Sharks will be releasing most likely within this time-frame as well!

Posting this before the power 'flickers' or drops out again.
Thank you friends!
<![CDATA[Updatius Maximus!]]>Tue, 19 Sep 2017 20:51:40 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/updatius-maximusTake a deep breath for this next sentence please☺:

* All "Paid in Full" & "Due" 1:6 Scale Location Shoot Bruce Shark Busts that were due in August/September, BUT that were delayed by my emergency heart surgery & subsequently Hurricane Harvey recovery - are now completed and drying. These customers will be contacted over the next few day's time for their shipping notices and information☺☺.

* All "Paid in Full" & "Due" August/September 3-foot Tow-Sled & Platform Bruce Sharks should be completed, boxed, and ready to ship by early next week at the latest.

* All "Paid in Full" & "Due" August/September 25-inch Ultimate Bruce, ScarFace, Bruce 3D, and Revenge Bruce Sharks are also due to be completed this week and packaged for shipping by early to middle of next week as well☺.

* All Pre-Order 1:6 Scale Yum-Yum Yellow Life Raft Bruce Shark Busts
>AND< the finalized Pre-Order 1:6 Cable-Chomping ScarFace Bruce Shark Busts - although delayed in release due to the heart surgery and Hurricane Harvey repairs - are still expected to be ready to ship within the next 2 weeks time.

The All New 3-foot long Tow-Sled AND Platform Bruce Sharks including their FINCREDIBLE New Mechanical Display Stands look to be on schedule for Pre-Order release within the next several weeks time. Subject to change either earlier or later, but the schedule for all these various CUSTOM sharks builds is holding steady.

Thank you friends,☺

<![CDATA[After The Storm...]]>Tue, 12 Sep 2017 17:13:20 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/after-the-storm​Just a quicky update that we are rapidly working our way back into full production from our Hurricane Harvey clean-up & repairs. We are now spending more days per week on filling shark orders than the storm clean-up process!

Aaannd, we are on track to be able to ship out a ton of Bruce Shark orders early to middle of next week if everything steers according to plan. Some have already shipped as of today BTW! Once fully caught up on orders we will then release the
All New 3-foot-long Platform & Tow Sled Bruce Shark displays!
Yeah Baby!

And in closing, we do respect that my last month's "emergency" heart surgery and then the Harvey flooding did in fact severely interrupt our Pre-Order release process for both of our 2017 All New 1:6 scale Bruce Shark Busts.
Specifically the numbering process involving early Pre-Order customers getting in on the FREE accessories -- one Bruce Shark Bust with scuba-tank, the other Bruce Bust with the Yum-Yum Yellow Raft. Originally the cut off limit was only 35 each.
So, we are now working on revising who and how many additional people get the FREE tank or raft accessory.
We feel it is only fair to make up for the lost month since the storm and surgery were beyond anyone's control or ability to plan for.

More info when we figure something out that is fair for everyone ordering the Busts.
Of course any and all positive critique and ideas are appreciated for those who would like to PM us your thoughts on any of these matters. Many of our BEST ideas are customer provided!

Thank you friends]]>
<![CDATA["Good News Everyone"...]]>Mon, 04 Sep 2017 16:45:42 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/good-news-everyonePicture
"Good news everyone!"

We are confident that we will be able to resume completing & shipping out Bruce Shark orders this coming week!
This also FINALLY enables us to once again START THE CLOCK on being able to release our All New 3 foot long Platform-Bruce and Tow-Sled Bruce sharks!
Now, in all honestly we are still facing an unprecedented amount of labor from our Hurricane-Harvey-Cleanup & repair here in addition to being several weeks behind our schedule for New product release[es].
But we are making great headway.

As you know I was finally able to have that heart surgery a few weeks ago that I have been desperately needing since 2015.
But what was supposed to be a 10-14 day lazy vacation of recovery then became exasperated by Hurricane Harvey little more than a week into it.

Truth be told I was under strict orders for home bed-rest, and to not lift anything over five pounds; and NOT to be digging, sandbagging and running 3 days & nights on end without sleep like Cathy & I both did....
Regardless, that is now floodwater under the gully and thankfully we are thrilled to be starting the New 3 foot shark release[es] Countdown Clock once again.

And as we have posted before these are entirely All New models and All New display stands unlike ANYTHING ever released before by Anyone, Anywhere.

Now, our first priority is always the customers that have been waiting the longest.
Although we will need a new days each week to dedicate to cleanup and storm damage repair, as well as on catching up on postponed Heart doctor visits; the majority of each week will be for filling orders and then for the mountain of work needed to release the new sharks products.

Some of which includes photoshoots, webpage creation and finalizing expenses + labor to arrive at pricing.
Also, we do apologize, but we honestly no longer have the free 2+ hours required each & every day to answer every single letter & message. Our inbox runneth over. But I promise we are trying our best to make sure that those that need help the most get it as soon as possible. There are only so many hours in each day, and days in a month. But if we can answer you or provide a help then I promise we will do our best.

To draw this post to a conclusion;
Cathy & I once again thank everyone for their kind encouragements, and for their well wishing and especially for their Christian prayers for us, and for our kids and for our properties during this scary Hurricane Harvey crisis.
You are all very much appreciated for these kind efforts and we have been greatly helped by them. We hope to return the blessing some day as well.

As we can we will update further, thank you friends!
Mike & Cathy Schultz SCO

<![CDATA[Health, Hurricanes, and Happenings...]]>Thu, 24 Aug 2017 17:36:20 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/health-hurricanes-and-happenings
Hi Everyone!
I am slightly ahead of schedule on my surgery recovery.
Our goal is to be back in the shark-workshop Wed the 30th. I am hoping to get off blood thinners, or at least get a reduction in the dosage before I go back out into the shop with all the power tools...I kid you not, I cut my fingers often on these Bruce Shark teeth, they really are scale-sharp and pointy!

Our main priorities once back at it of course being keeping all orders possible from being late. >IF< any are going to be late then we are well known for making up for things with sweet shark bribes.

Also, according to the latest news it looks like this hurricane is going to impact our productivity somewhat. We of course are keeping a very close eye on it.

I also wanted to re-reintroduce a kind concern to all friends awaiting to be customers for our soon releasing All New 3 foot shark displays:
I re-remind that it is only Cathy & I in the shop now.
All the kids are grown and gone.
We will only be able to make so many sharks between their release[es] and the end of the year. We will only be able to make a certain number of sharks for people per month.
The new 3 foot sharks are very complex and laborious builds. If you have been holding out for a 3 foot shark I very, very strongly urge EVERYONE waiting to NOT delay in ordering once we release them.
Those that do not take advantage of pre-ordering soon after release will find themselves shark-less well into 2018 or later.
We will quickly reach a point where we surpass what we humanly have time to be able to build and ship for customers before the end of the year.

I do strongly urge everyone to keep checking back with our upcoming updates for release and price information.
Of course, I cannot release anything this week.
But as soon as we get our current customers taken care of we will be proceeding directly into the release of one of the all new 3 foot sharks. VERY EXCITING!

Now, a word on the new sharks:
They are absolutely and entirely all new models once again.
We were once again BLESSED with a ton of uncirculated research material which has allowed us to finally have everything needed to branch out into an entirely new kid of experience for our historically-accurate 3 foot scale Bruce Shark displays.
All my previous 3 foot sharks are still just as good as when I released them according to the time-period that they were released in.

Yes, they are all still their own standards in excellence.
>AND< it will be obvious when I release the All New 3 foot sharks how they are different from all other sharks ever released by anyone, ever. They too, like all of our products, will clearly be able to stand on their own for their historical accuracy and uniqueness[es].

Any more would be 'spolilers'

That is all the information I can provide at this time, save for posting that they are well worth the wait.
More information as so as we are able to post it.
Thank you my friends.
<![CDATA[August 17th, 2017]]>Thu, 17 Aug 2017 18:58:17 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/august-17th-2017Hi Everyone, this is Cathy.
Mike wanted me to post a thank-you pertaining to his heart surgery. We thank you all for your kind prayers and support. As you know he has desperately needed this set of procedures since 2015 when that surgery was just another expensive failure.
These sharks have been more than just making fans happy all decade, they have kept him alive and kept this family cared for. He has been struggling these last years in horrific pain and running on very little sleep. It has been difficult to watch him suffer through all of this. So, we are very thankful for each and every order that has provided for this family since 2010!
What a huge difference switching to better insurance and a good doctor can make. It has only been a few days and he can already breath normally and sleep lying down for the first time in ...forever!
Although there were a few post-op complications, this set of procedures appear to be completely successful. His quality of life has already skyrocketed dramatically! There has been no hint of Vtach or Afib since Monday. His heart rate is dropping closer to normal every day, where before it was running double, and even more than triple normal rate at times!
Now as far as business; we were able to get well ahead in the last five months leading up to this event but we were not able to accomplish all of our goals before these procedures. Don’t worry, he’s getting stronger every day and we are working to get sharks off the assembly line and into the mail as soon as by the end of next week. There is much he can accomplish on light duty - HOWEVER, I will be making sure he does not over do it.
Even though we have planned for everything we could possibly think of we are still taking our days and nights hour by hour. But if your paid-in-full shark is due this month and we do discover the possibility of late delivery we will contact you ahead of time and make it worth your wait with a surprise goody. 🙂
We are so excited about the release of the All New 3-Foot-Long Sharks. All of Mike’s previous sharks are equally incredible and collectible for their own features and these all new models will set an even higher standard of what should be expected from a larger scale full-length Bruce Shark from now on. We feel these are his best works ever, and the new features and “extras” of these new sharks have never been done before. I won’t say more for fear of SPOILERS. 🙂
Mike wanted everyone updated and thanked. He is resting towards the goal of being able to be back at the PC soon and in the workshop well before the end of this month.
<![CDATA[All July Sharks En Route!]]>Sat, 05 Aug 2017 16:53:21 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/all-july-sharks-en-route
The second LARGE shipment - filling the July pre-orders for our All New 1:6 Scale Location Shoot Bruce Shark Busts is off the docks & in transit! All overseas July paid-in-full vendor orders also in transit.
As far as private sales we are currently at #29 ready for ordering as of this posting for the Special Offer for one FREE 1:6 Scuba Tank Accessory for the first 35 private customer sales.
Vendor orders not included in this offer.
After #35 private sale the Tank Accessory... will be a separate purchase.

Although we have our hands full this weekend in the FX Shop we will try to check back in when possible to update.
Remember this product run remains open only as long as the molds remain in good condition; and that we do still offer the Interest-Free Flex Pay plans. 
<![CDATA[And now a heartfelt plea from someone who cares..]]>Wed, 02 Aug 2017 18:48:15 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/and-now-a-heartfelt-plea-from-someone-who-cares
After a decade of answering 2 hours of messages every single day we have received well over a thousand requests from people expressing regret over not ordering their shark before we SOLD OUT. All asking for just one more, but in nearly 100% of the cases we simply cannot help.

We recently advertised for over 3 months that we were closing out our 2016 catalog. The morning after closing it we had almost 4 solid days worth of emails to sift through, each asking for “just one more shark please...” We are still getting these requests as of this morning!

Oftentimes one of our overseas galleries, vendors or even private collectors will order a large stock, and that typically concludes the rest of said production run. How many dozens of our different Bruce Shark Products has this happened to all decade? All of them. Each & every single one.

Our newest Shark could even be sold out with one large order from Italy, Japan, Poland or South of the Border. Currently our garage is blocked with a full-wrapped-pallet order of busts going overseas. That’s how these things work.
Now, we feel we’ve done all we could. We even offer the many different Interest-Free Flex-Payment plans which are a ton of book-keeping all their own for us. But even this doesn't put a dent in the problem of people waiting too late to order. Plus, we can only make so many sharks friends.

When it comes down to brass-tacks it is only Cathy & I working out in that FX Shop. We can only make so many sharks per month. And six day work-weeks are our max. Our 2017 products are limited to the life of the production molds.
Friends, - don't snooze and you won't loose.

Somebody’s getting the sharks that we make this week, and all the next month and for every single month for the rest of this year. Will one of those customized Bruce Sharks be yours?
Or are they all for someone else who didn‘t wait one day too long?

I hope this post helps more people enjoy being one of our thousands of Happy Customers, and that nobody else ever misses out ever again.
<![CDATA[Tony Loves His Shark!]]>Tue, 01 Aug 2017 13:06:26 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/tony-loves-his-shark
Tony LOVES his ALL NEW 1:6 Location Shoot Bruce Bust with free chomping Scuba Tank accessory!
He wrote today to share this:
"Location Bust is in the house...love it! Thank you, Tony Scello"

Thank you Tony for the share
We are just back from shipping out wave #2 of these New Bruce Bust Pre-Orders.
More orders will go out later this week, and we have already started on August's Paid in Full Bruce Shark orders as well as finalizing steps to release the New 3 foot sharks very soon.

With Interest-Free Payment Plans it has NEVER been easier to own your own Fine-Scale Customized Bruce Shark Collectible. Buy Yours Now!
<![CDATA[Soon... Very Soon....]]>Sat, 29 Jul 2017 17:00:47 GMThttp://sharkcityozark.com/blog/soon-very-soonPicture
I feel like Dr. Frankenstein today!

​My greatest 3 foot long Bruce Shark Scale Model sits before me on my primary workshop table. I sit and stare at him from every angle and see nothing but absolute Historical-perfection of complete BRUCE SHARK!

Based on the All New Early-Location Filming Shark City Platform Bruce Shark.He is clean, He is smooth skinned and He is "toight"!

This is the Supreme culmination of all of my Full Body Bruce Sharks. The sum of all my creative labors combined.
Nothing I have EVER made is this accurate and based on so much freshly donated reference material. Truly drawn from the farthest reaches of my resources, skill set and capabilities.

How many thousands upon thousands of sharks have I provided all decade to collectors all over the planet to hone my skills and build up to this sheer perfection of scale shark modeling?
I am in AWE!

All I have produced and provided up until now has led to this Fincredible Creation of Ultimate Coolness.
I can't wait to share this Creation with the world. My greatest Shark sculpt of my life's work focused into one 3 foot long Masterpiece.

Soon to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world..
MWahA-Hahahahah hahah ha ha!